Where First-Hand Experience Shapes Excellence

At BKB PR, we don’t just understand PR, we’ve lived it. For over a decade, Brian Banks, our founder and CEO, has been at the epicenter of extraordinary PR narratives. From his time in the NFL to hosting a TV series, being the feature of a major film, and even guiding strategies within the NFL front office, Brian’s journey is a testament to the power of authentic storytelling.

First-Hand Expertise, Unmatched Insights

Unlike most, Brian's journey isn't just a story—it's an unparalleled expertise. This isn't a tale told from afar; it's the wisdom gained through personal triumphs and challenges. Brian's experience ensures that your brand's narrative isn't just crafted—it's lived and breathed.

From Player to Program Manager, Every Angle Covered

Having played in the NFL and managed from the Front Office, Brian understands every facet of the sports & corporate world. This insight uniquely positions us to handle PR strategies for sports, entertainment, and branding at the highest level.


While Brian’s roots lie in sports & entertainment, our team’s expertise extends to Crisis Management, Strategic Communication, Brand Development, and more. We don’t just create PR; we curate narratives that resonate across industries.

YOUR STORY: Respected, Not Redefined

In an era where narratives can be shaped and manipulated, trust in BKB PR to respect and preserve your brand’s authenticity. We don’t rewrite stories; we amplify voices.   

Experience PR That's Lived, Not Just Learned

When you choose BKB PR, you’re not just hiring a PR agency; you’re partnering with a team that embodies the essence of public relations. Welcome to a new era in PR—welcome to BKB PR, where experience shapes excellence.


Get acquainted with the driving forces behind BKB PR. Meet our esteemed leaders.

Brian Banks


The visionary founder and CEO of BKB PR, Brian Banks, brings over 12 years of immersive experience to the dynamic landscape of strategic communications...

Michael Grippo

Corporate Communications

An accomplished professional with a versatile background across legal, corporate, entertainment, music, and sports sectors, Michael Grippo brings his wealth of..

Jason Zelin

Legal & Senior Advisor

With a comprehensive background encompassing various dimensions of the entertainment industry, both from legal and business standpoints, Jason Zelin brings a...

A Collective Effort

Our Commitment

Empowering our clients with tailored PR solutions, innovative strategies, and personalized service that exceed expectations.

Our Values

Integrity, creativity, collaboration, and impact drive everything we do.

Our Mission

Exceptional communication and unwavering dedication to positive impact.


At BKB Public Relations, we embrace the rich tapestry of diversity – from cultures and backgrounds to experiences and ideas. We believe in the power of unity in crafting exceptional work.

From the heart of culture to the pulse of society, we’re architects of trust and innovative collaborators. Our mission is to weave stories that resonate with the right audiences, igniting actions that bring forth change, growth, and trust.

We understand that the harmony of our collective voice at BKB PR is a symphony of many perspectives, and the foundation of trust starts within us – within our relationships, and within our unwavering dedication to authentic communication.

Let’s work together!

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